Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cornucopia of Colors QP

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’ve decided to remove the links for last month’s collab, Zoo Spirit, by the end of the week. If you still would like to grab my portion of the collab be sure to do so before Friday.

My poor little Logan had a fever again this afternoon. I feel so bad for him since it has only been about a week since he had croup.

We had another fiesta last Saturday with a friend of mine from out of state and a mutual friend of ours brought her daughter and they both had runny noses. (Sigh) You know, I wish people would sometimes think of others and just opt to miss an event. We’ve missed plenty of things when the boys have been sick, it’s just something you have to suck up as a parent. Oh well, I guess what’s done is done.

Since this is the first day, I’m not sure what he has yet. His fever has only hit 101 degrees (I say only because I will let a fever run to 103 since a fever is how your body fights an infection) so I’m not too concerned. It’s just a bummer he has to feel crappy again for another 7-10 days.

This morning I have a QP from my Cornucopia of Colors kit. This one is filled with a picnic full of tasty treats. I will have one more QP on Friday and that is all that I am doing for the collab this month. I will have a new surprise for everyone next Monday.

Happy Scrapping!

(Sorry, these links have expired)


Elaine said...

Love the QP, Thank you so much!

charline said...

Thank you. This is beautiful!