Monday, October 13, 2008

Boo-tiful Halloween Papers (Solids & Plaids)

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday we weren’t able to make it up to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm because it was just too windy. We didn’t want to disappoint my parents though so we did take a trip to a local farm just around the corner from us. Thankfully it is surrounded by trees, so the wind wasn’t too bad.

The boys had so much fun picking out their pumpkins. They boys love all things ‘baby’ so they kept picking out all the baby pumpkins. At one time, they gave Grandma and Grandpa so many pumpkins they dropped them all. LOL!

Grandpa just before dropping the pumpkins:

This was also the first time the boys rode a train. (Woo Hoo!) I am so proud of them for giving it a try. Before, every time we would ask them they would say ‘no’ and with my boys no means no. We didn’t ever push them of force them because we figured they would try it when they were ready.

It’s hard to try (some) new things with twins. It seemed like it was usually just me and the boys whenever we had the opportunity to ride a train, and I was always nervous if they both freaked out during the ride and wanted out what would I do. Ride operators can’t always just stop a ride, so I really wanted someone else to be with us when we tried this for the first time. I am so happy hubby and my parents were there to help and the boys were able to ride their first train.

Here are a couple of photos from the pumpkin patch, though I wasn’t able to get the ‘perfect’ Halloween photo I am looking for. It was still a bit windy so the boys weren’t cooperating too well. Oh well, we still have a couple more pumpkin patches to visit this year and also the MoM’s Halloween carnival so I’m not panicking yet.

Rottie Mom – I forgot about Fleet Week. I haven’t been there since I was a child. Have a great time watching the Blue Angels. I love watching them and can’t wait until the boys are a bit older so they can enjoy them as well.

Jesse7 – What a great idea! I never thought about having the kids pick out their favorite photos to make their own photo books to share with friends. I will have to keep this in mind for when the boys get a little bit older. They love to look at pictures on my computer so I am sure they would enjoy this fun little project.

This morning I have the first set of paper from a new kit for you called Boo-tiful Halloween. I know, the name is a bit corny but the kit isn’t really scary or grungy so I decided to call it Boo-tiful. LOL!

I hope you enjoy this kit.

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Jody said...

Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing the elements for this kit. I have been searching for a kit that wasn't scary. Hope it has some smiling pumpkins! LOL

jesse7 said...

Love the colors in this one!!
And i'm sure the boys will love doing the Brag Books. It keeps my kids out of my hair for hours. lol But they do love doing them, for shchool photos of their friends, Christmas and Birthday parties. I think sometimes they get carried away, cause they don't know how expensive it can get. lol When its Mom can I make one for Sue, Jane and Mary and my other 6 friends. LOLOL And thats just my oldest one. :) The 2 boys like making them too. the 11 year old is very good at it. Hes a real artist. He can do better than I can. lol. Of course the 6 year old still need me. (Thank goodness) someone does. lol Hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you for all you so and for listening to me ramble. :)