Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Splendor QP #2

Happy Friday!

I have decided to combine my personal blog with this one. With the boys, the multiples club, me hopefully going back to work soon, designing and this blog I just don’t have enough time to keep up on both blogs. Don’t worry, I’ll still have lots of freebies for everyone, I’m not giving that up anytime soon.

Actually, not much should change here. Once in a while I may ramble a bit more about personal life (yes, that is possible. LOL!), you’ll get to see some of my personal photos, and you’ll all get to know me a bit more. I know you are excited now (wink, wink). ROTFL!

Yesterday morning was so cool and overcast I decided to take the boys to the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. It was so peaceful to step into nature and away from the daily hussle and bussle. I didn’t realize until after we were there for about half an hour how much I needed to just take a break from everything (phones, computer, driving, people, etc.). I felt a calm come over me as we were walking down the different trails. It was so peaceful.

Can you believe I took more photos of the deer than I did of the boys? LOL! The deer cooperated so much better than the boys did. They seemed to just stop and pose for every shot. One deer even let us get within a couple of feet of it. The boys loved watching all the deer, turkey’s, duck’s and squirrels.

These are two of my favorite deer photos from today.

We did have a tense moment after all the calm as we were heading home on one of the trails. All of a sudden I heard a steady pattern of hooves in the fallen leaves. I turned and a couple dozen deer were in full sprint and headed straight towards us. We didn’t have time to run so I just grabbed the stroller, turned it facing away for the oncoming deer and held on. We were stuck in the smack dab in the middle of a deer stampede. The boys of course thought this was great and were laughing so hard as the deer ran passed both sides of us. Mommy was just standing still praying one of the darns things didn’t run the stroller over.

Hindsight, it was pretty cool and I wish I had my camcorder to catch the moment. Not that I would want to do it again with the boys since it could have turned out differently, but since all was OK it was pretty neat. I did get a couple of photos of the last deer’s that passed us as they were leaping in the air.

This was also the first time I have ever been to the river while no one else was there. Just beautiful isn't it.

The boys had the best time playing in the dirt and throwing rocks by the river. Hey what can I say, they're boys. LOL!

Tomorrow we are meeting my parents at a pumpkin patch in my home town. Hopefully it’s not raining because I would really love to dress the boys in their Halloween costumes and try to get some cute photos for Halloween this year. We’ll see if Mother Nature is on my side or not. If not, then I’ll be taking pictures of little muddy boys in their old play clothes. Either way, I’m sure I’ll get come cute photos.

Enough of my rambling. LOL! I have another QP I made with my Fall Splendor kit. Beginning next week, I will have four brag book pages from this kit as well.

Have a great weekend and…

Happy Scrapping!

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Deanna said...

Hi there, just popping in to say that I love your blog and your photography! I gave you an award on my blog, come check it out at


fl_connie said...

Wow! How cool are those deer photos? Sounds like an exciting time - but I don't think I would like to try it myself, lol! I wonder if they were being chased - and if so, by what?

The only thing that I can even sort of compare this to is once when I was out in the Gulf (I don't usually actually get IN the water) about chest high, there was suddenly a school of rays - not huge ones, but probably a hundred or more 2 to 2 1/2 feet wide. They just split around us and continued gliding through the water - they were beautiful and it was quite an experience, but it was kind of tense for a few minutes before I saw they were cownose rays - still very capable of stinging, but relatively harmless!

I didn't have my babies with me, though!

Thanks for the great photos and the great freebies - boy! was that ever a busy downloading time - still haven't gone after the candy ones yet.