Monday, December 22, 2008

Creative Scraps Store Christmas Countdown Freebie

Happy Monday!

Did you survive the last shopping weekend before Christmas? Hubby and I went out for some leisurely shopping, nothing that had to be done, so it was a lot more relaxing then I thought it would be.

Sunday, hubby took Logan shopping while Kaden stayed home with me to bake cookies. Now, you may be wondering why I’m mentioning this. Well, this is the first time Kaden and Logan have ever been separated. That’s right; they have always been together since birth. Even after spending 7 weeks in the NICU they both came home the same day, which is not very common.

Since I don’t have anyone to help with the boys, I have always taken both boys with me everywhere I go, and we do go everywhere (LOL!). I guess it just never crossed my mind to do any different. The plus side of always taking them every where is they are use to this and they are great little shoppers.

Just last week we ended up spending an hour at the bank opening a new account and the boys did awesome. Now you would have thought the bank employees would have taken one look at 2 year old twins boys and sped things up a bit, but I guess they were feeling a bit daring that day. LOL! Anyways, I do think the boys really enjoyed the one on one time today, so we’ll have to make these little one on one dates with mommy and daddy a bit more often.

Today I have a freebie for you but not here at my blog. Today’s freebie can be found at the Creative Scraps Store as part of their Christmas Countdown Freebie Event. The designers at Creative Scraps Store have been offering a freebie a day since Dec. 1st, and today my portion is up for grabs.

If y'all have been grabbing the daily freebie you may have noticed there are four puzzle pieces spread out amongst the days and freebies. If you get three of the four pieces don’t forget to send them in to receive your extra free gift. Here is a preview of my contribution and you can grab it at the Creative Scraps Store. This will only be available for 24 hours so don’t miss it!

Happy Scrapping!


Jody said...

I sent my 3 pieces in some time ago and haven't heard back. Should I send them in again?

Judy said...

Wonderful piece you have given for todays download.....thankyou.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.