Friday, September 12, 2008

Autumn Flower Recipe Collection Day 4

Happy Friday!

What a week it has been. We are all finally feeling better which is great since this weekend is our MoM's club Annual Summer Picnic.

We are expecting 33 families of multiples, which is about 75 children who are mostly all multiples. This event is definitely the event members don’t want to miss. There are two playgrounds for all the kids, crafts and activities, and Rosie the Clown will be stopping by to paint some little faces and make some cute little balloon critters. We’ll be dishing out fried chicken and all the sides to be sure the little bundles of energy have enough energy to keep going all day. The kids are going to have so much fun and the parents are going to get a good night’s sleep tomorrow night.

We have been finishing up all the last minute details for the picnic this week as well as closing our membership renewal. I think I have been on the computer more with all the club activity than I usually am scrapping. Hubby didn’t think that was possible but hey, I have to prove him wrong sometimes. (LOL!) I can’t wait until next week when things calm down a bit.

I also found out last night that my hubby's work picnic is on Sunday. Don’t you just love how bad hubby’s are at relaying information from work? I remember when I was working I could never understand how men couldn’t take a simple message home to their wives and now, here I am. Now don’t get me wrong, hubby is usually great at keeping me informed, mainly because I am such a planner and I think he is afraid of my wrath (as he calls it), but he totally spaced this one.

I have all the information and links about the flowers I used on the Autumn Flower Recipe Cards.

Green Card: Flowers are a commercial use freebie from Cen's Loft and can be found here.
Yellow Card: Flowers are from Ziggle Desings, Pocket Full of Posies commercial use product. You can purchase her products from her Gotta Pixel store.
Orange Card: Flowers are a commercial use freebie from The Scrappin' Cop and can be found here.
Red Card: Flowers are a commercial use freebie from Michele McCoy at Crafty Scraps and can be found here.

Last but not least, here is the final recipe card of this collection.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Happy Scrapping!

Sorry this link has expired.

Please visit my store to purchase this kit.

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Brandi's Creations said...

Thanks again! And thank you for the flower links. Hope your picnic is a great success!