Monday, September 15, 2008

Vintage Victorian Daily Download Day 1

Happy Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend?

Friday, the boys and I went up to Apple Hill for the day. We visited four apple orchards and one winery (they do have a play ground for little ones). It was so nice to go up the hill and get out of the heat for a while.

We played at the winery for a bit, pet some goats and pigs at another orchard (can’t remember the name of this one), ate lunch and played at Abel's Apple Orchards, and finished off the day feeding some trout and getting up and close to some ducks at High Hill Orchards.

Friday afternoon Hubby came down with what the boys and I had last week, so Saturday I was on my own with the boys at the MoM’s picnic. (Sigh!) There were so many kids it seemed like every time I turned around one of my boys were missing. (This is one of my biggest fears.) The bad part is the park is boarded by two busy streets so I was always freaked one of the boys wandered to the street side.

The picnic was a great success. I didn’t get to be as social as I would have liked since I was on my own but all the families seemed to have such a great time. I can’t believe how many itty bitty multiples we have in our group now. I love to see all the new little ones and it is so great the parents are taking the big step and venturing out with them.

We had so much food left over so I took some to our church for families in need and I also took some to our local fire department to give the guys a break from cooking. Now it’s time to start planning our Halloween Carnival for next month.

Sunday we spent the day at hubby’s company picnic. They had a lady from animal interaction come to show the kids animals of the world, a bounce house, crafts, and three playgrounds for the kids as well as a horse shoe competition and softball game for the adults.

Kaden has always enjoyed bouncing in bounce houses but Logan has been a bit hesitant, until today. I am so proud of Logan for climbing into the bounce house all on his own and giving it a try. Once he realized how much fun it was we could not get him out of there. LOL! All they did was bounce, bounce, bounce. And then they fell fast asleep.

Rottie Mom – Thank you so much for the pictures. You’re babies are so adorable. Seeing the little puppy makes me want another so bad. Here are the scrap pages I mentioned in my e-mail:

fl_connie – You actually read my blog! (LOL!) And yes I do read all my comments. I am so happy you are enjoying my kits. I understand about saying ‘thanks’. Sometimes I’m downloading things and I have the boys pulling at me and then I think back later wondering if I said thanks or not. I try my best, but I know I am not perfect.

Diana – Congratulations on the upcoming new addition. I'll pray the little one is born happy and healthy. You know, I have always wanted to learn to quilt. I love anything that has to do with quilting (the patterns, the fabric, everything) but I have no clue how to do it. Maybe when the boys get older I will have the time to devote to learning it. I really want to.

Jesse7 – Wow 13 years old. I remember that age. I think that’s about 8th grade right? Next there is high school, boys, dating, oh boy. I’ll stick with my boys (LOL!). I couldn’t image having two girls hit teenage years at the exact same time. Even though, hubby always reminds me of things he did growing up and what I am in for having boys.

Designed – You ask and you shall receive. As you can see the Vintage Victorian downloads begin today. The Fall Splendor kit is part of a collab I am doing with Wenchd Grafix which is set to be released October 1st. I really like how that kit turned out and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Speaking of collabs, I have officially lost it. I am participating in two collabs that are both set to be released October 1st , Fall Splendor with Wenchd Grafix and Sugar Shoppe with ADSDesigners. When this all began, I didn’t really think about how I am going to blog about two collabs that are released on the same day. Do I post two separate blogs, one for each kit, or post both kits in one blog? I am going to have to ponder this and try to figure out what will be the best/easiest for everybody.

I know I have been long winded this morning, very long winded. This sometimes happens after a whole weekend of toddler talk. Can you tell I am in need of some adult conversation? LOL!

Well don’t fret, it is freebie time. I am going to offer my newest kit in bits and pieces over the next two weeks. It’s called Vintage Victorian. I’m not sure if I’m too happy with how Vintage or how Victorian the kit turned out to be, but here it is none the less.

Here is a preview of the kit. Some of the elements are not shown in the preview because they are the same elements in a variety of colors.

And here's what you will recieve this morning.

Happy Scrapping!

Sorry this link has expired.


Jody said...

This kit looks so beautiful. I love the colors.

I have been meaning to ask you one more question re the recipe cards. Where did you get the background papers from? I want to thank you for all the links to the flowers, they are wonderful.

We have twin grandsons, they are 8 years old now and how well I remember how busy things were when they were little. Now they are so grown up! They belong to the multiples club here in our city.

Brandi's Creations said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful and full weekend. Glad your picninc was a success!
The Victorian kit is looking great, love the style. It will work great for my family history stuff! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

The link of 4 shared isn't working on this moment, is says that it is not valid.Are you aware of this?

Rottie Mom said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of your boys and your dogs! Buddy looks a lot like my girl Mischief, with Kahless's head! lol Puppies are so much fun and she has really brought Kahless back to life after losing Mischief, but she's a real handful too! lol Soooo much energy! I love your creations and look forward to reading your blog daily! Thank you so much for sharing what you create!