Friday, September 19, 2008

Vintage Victorian Daily Download Day 5

Happy Friday!

Sorry for all the short posts the past couple of days. This week has turned out to be a bit busier that I had expected. I was hoping for a slow down in club activity since the picnic was over but we’ve had a few things come up this week that have needed my immediate attention.

Jody – I didn’t forget about you. I’ve been looking at my recipe cards and the papers I used and it’s hard for me to tell where exactly where I grabbed them from. I love tartan papers and have so many of them and the details vary only slightly between them all. When I designed the recipe cards, I pulled papers from various kits and kept the one’s I liked the best.

If you like tartan papers, you can visit Delicious Scraps and scroll through her blog. She periodically offers free papers for commercial use and I know she has posted a few tartan paper freebies recently. I always grab the tartan papers she offers so you might find some of the papers I used in one of her freebies. Sorry I don’t have the links for the exact papers I used.

Congratulations on being a grandparent of twins! The boys are my parents first and only grandchildren (I’m and only child) so they are finding out quickly how busy it can be, and they are loving every minute of it. Grandparents are such a special part of a child’s life. I am truly blessed my parents want to be involved with the boys lives and the boys get to experience the love only a grandparent can give them.

Rottie Mom – I am so jealous of your view. I know all the beautiful landmarks you mentioned and I am lucky to have been able to visit all of them. Hubby has yet to visit any of them so I think that is a great reason to plan a long overdo trip. Now, I just hope my boys will enjoy the ferry rides.

We’re going to be busy once again this weekend so I will begin posting the other half of this kit on Monday.

Have a great weekend and...

Happy Scrapping!

Sorry this link has expired.

Please visit my store to purchase this kit.

Here is a preview of the kit. Some of the elements are not shown in the preview because they are the same elements in a variety of colors.


Elaine said...

Thank you, loving this kit!

Artsy said...

Thank you. You're very talented. Wish I knew how to make these.