Friday, October 24, 2008

CU Stock Photo

Happy Friday!

I am so happy to see so many of you enjoyed the “as-is, unfinished” brag book pages. I wasn’t sure if they’d be of use to anyone so I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of downloads they have received.

This week I found out there is something wrong with my newsletter, basically I don’t think it is going out anymore. Yesterday I had a small amount of time and tried to resolve the problem with FeedBlitz, but I guess what I did really didn’t do anything since I still didn’t receive a newsletter this morning. I will try this weekend to see if I can figure out what is wrong. I may just need to delete this newsletter and create a whole new one. If that doesn’t work, I may switch my newsletter over to Feedburner and give that a try. *sigh*

I am happy to announce I just added 31 CU Stock Photos to my store. The photos can be used for pretty much anything you want. Feel free to create elements, overlays, papers or anything else you can think of. The only thing I ask in my TOU’s is that you do not distribute my files as-is. All photos are sized approximately 3000 x 2000 px and 300 or 500 ppi. I will be adding new photos frequently since I love to take pictures when I am out with the boys, so be sure to stop by my store and see what is new.

This morning I have another CU freebie. It is a photograph my hubby took while the boys and I were riding a train at the pumpkin patch. I didn’t know he took this until we got home and downloaded my camera.

Hubby is so funny sometimes. He knew I was taking photo’s to make CU items and for some stock photos (this photo is from the same trip as last week’s CU Pumpkins Overlay), so while the boys and I were off having some fun he took a bunch of photos around the pumpkin patch for me. He is such a sweetie. I hope you enjoy this photo and I would love to see what you create with it.

Trish – I am so happy you found my blog and are enjoying the freebies, I’m curious how old your twins boys are? Mine will be 3 in January. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. Everyone said it would, but I wasn’t expecting this.

Have a great weekend!

Happy scrapping!

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Trish said...

My boys are just about to turn 1 in November. Time sure flies fast with these kiddies! I love the pics from the pumpkin patch. I so wish we had one of those here in our town. :0)