Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You Know You Miss Me!

Are you guys missing me this week? LOL! I have been catching up on some of the tedious tasks that I hate oh so much. I must say though, I am getting a lot accomplished and it feels pretty good.

Our MoM’s Halloween Carnival last Saturday was so much fun. We had a cake walk, games, potato sack races and a parade. That was quite a lot of activity for a 2 hour period. We wanted to be sure and burn off all that sugar the little ones ate before locking them in their car seats and sending the home for the day.

Here are some photos of our little Superhero's. (Note: I am not posting more photos of the costumes because some parents understandibly prefer not to have photo's of their children on the internet.)

All the costumes were so adorable. With all the families of multiples, I still can’t believe all the families little ones had different and unique costumes. No family had the same costumes as another family. Wow! Unbelievable.

Sunday Daddy and I took the boys to a small local zoo to see the animals and ride the train. I can’t believe how much the boys love to ride trains. Just a month ago they wouldn’t give it a shot, now we can’t keep them away.

I’m probably not going to post anything new until the release of the November ADSD collab. I once again (and yes, already) have myself feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have no idea what I was thinking this past week when I signed up to create four kits for two different collabs and be a guest designer on a charity kit. This of course is in addition to the Christmas, Advent and Winter kits of my own that I am working on. You can bet I had one (or two, maybe three, oh heck possibly four) too many glasses of wine over the weekend. ROTFL!

Of course, all you out in digiscrap world will reap the benefits of my insanity with all the freebies I will have in December. Woo Hoo!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a safe a happy Halloween. I will see ya’ll November 1st!

Happy Scrapping!

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Nani said...

The carnival sounds like it was fun! The boys are so cute in their costumes! :)

That you are so busy and just keep coming up with all the wonderful freebies you do is why I have an award for you on my blog! See the entry that starts with a picture of pumpkin spice coffee creamers!