Friday, November 21, 2008

CU Yellow Rose Freebie

Happy Friday!

I am amazed at how much fun throwing rocks in a river is for little boys. Wednesday I took the boys to a local dam to throw some rocks and they were at it for almost 2 hours. I thought they’d be tired after that, but oh no. There were so mad when I told them it was time to leave to go have lunch. LOL! Boys will be boys. I guess this will have to be a regular trip for us. The dam is so close to the house and the best part is, it’s free.

Amongst the all the rock throwing, I was able to get a few more CU items done and uploaded to my store. Two of the products are CU roses from my garden. It’s still averaging around 75 degrees here and the roses love it, and I love how beautiful they look. My favorite by far is my yellow rose. I must say, it is such a lovely shade of yellow

The third item are some CU leaves the boys and I picked up on a nature walk around the neighborhood recently. They love to search for their favorite leaves to bring home and play with. Of course, these dried leaves make quite the mess for mom to have to clean, but I don’t mind when I see them collecting, sorting and organizing all their new treasures.

I also have a CU freebie for you this morning. This is one of the yellow flowers from my latest additions to my store, Yellow Rose. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Scrapping!

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terri - hawaii said...

Wow I do like Roses and I think of all of them, Yellow is my fav too. Although I do love roses, gardenia's are my fav. They grow really well in Hawaii and smell so wonderful.

Thanks for sharing your roses with us. Yes, I have 2 boys, grown now in their 20's. But I do remember things that would keep them occupied for hours too : ) Hugs -- xoxo!!

Lady Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us over at CU Freebies Only Forum.


Vivayne said...

Thank you so much for sharing, lovely freebie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful yellow rose! Carol

Janet said...

Thank you. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow thanks so much for sharring!! The yellow rose is mine and my husbands flower, because it was the first flower he ever gave me back when I was 15!