Monday, November 24, 2008

November Challenge QP

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I have officially embarked on a mission to get a good photo of the boys with Santa. I figure, the more they are exposed to Santa, the better chance I have at getting a good Santa picture. I’m not trying to get that perfect photo of the boys sitting on Santa’s lap smiling, because quite frankly I know there in no way that is going to happen. But, I do have a few ideas that I think would be so cute.

Train Time with Santa begins this weekend at the Sacramento Railroad Museum. Children and their parents can go for a train ride with Santa and get to know him a bit more. I even think Santa gives the kids a small gift. I would be so happy to get a photo of Santa handing the boys a gift and the boys gazing up at him. That would be so cute. I would even love for this to be an annual family event each year with Santa, and the photos with Santa can be our pictures for Christmas cards.

The other ‘Santa’ event we have on our schedule is our MoM’s Santa Social the first weekend in December. The children get to spend two hours with Santa and Mrs. Claus and I’m hoping to get some good photos here too.

Kaden loves Santa and asks to see him every day. Logan, not so much. LOL! He could really do without seeing Santa, ever. I am crossing my fingers this changes as we Santa a bit more over the next month.

This morning I have a QP I made for the monthly challenge at CU Freebie Only Forum (the QP itself is PU only). I tried to do something a bit out of the box for me by using multiple layers of papers with various prints. I (think) I like the way it turned out. LOL! Winners are chosen by the number of downloads, so if you like my QP please be sure to grab it.

One of the rules of the challenge is to create a QP or brag book page with only CU freebies. To give credit where credit is due, here is the list of CU freebies I used:

Textured Paper - Farrah's Creations,
Tartan Paper - Delicious Scraps,
Leaf Paper - Cindy Ritter, Cindy Ritter Digi Scrap
Dotted Paper - Scrappin' Cop,
Striped Paper - Scrappin' Cop,
Flowers - June Schutrups aka Cen'Stuff,
Ribbon - Farrah's Creation,
Flourish - Delicious Scraps,
Tag - Gloria Val Verde,
Charm Frame - Becky,
Thanksgiving Photo (inside charm) - DIP,
Pin - Alice @ AloDesigns,

Thanks and have a wonderful week!

Happy Scrapping!

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Beth said...

So cute! I love this QP. I downloaded it. Hope it helps you win.

Sandy_SIL said...

Love the QP! The layers are great! Thanks for sharing. :)

Kathy said...

Your QP turned out great. Thanks for sharing with us.

TAS said...

Great QP! Thanks for sharing.